Ida Galich responded to criticism against her for her small breasts 15:05

Businesswoman and blogger Ida Galich responded to criticism against her for her small breasts. She wrote about this subject herself telegram channel.

“I don’t even understand how I held on under pressure and didn’t give up: “Ida, where are the breasts!” Incredible durability! I don’t know how I didn’t break down here. In all these years, there has not been a single photo or video in the media that did not attract such burning comments. Here I want to confess my love for gray matter and thank you that this complex does not have to be overcome, because society did not impose it on me. It seemed that at the moment of fame my personality was already formed. A young mind is still more sensitive to criticism. Maybe that’s why so many young bloggers and artists change themselves so easily?” – wrote Galich.

The day before Ida Galich starry while revealing her lace underwear. The blogger said on social networks that she gained 22 kilograms during pregnancy and that it was difficult for her to return to her former form. He started training actively in 2022, attending boxing, pilates and yoga classes. The artist also practically gave up sweets – the TV presenter allowed herself to eat only once a week, the blogger was pleased with the results and recently began to comply with this rule again.

Previously Ida Galich showed Rare photos of the interior of an apartment on Arbat.

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Source: Gazeta


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