Tina Kandelaki came to the award in a tight zippered leather dress 06/13/2024, 23:37

TV presenter Tina Kandelaki was a guest at the APKiT film award. He shared pictures of the photo on Instagram (its owner, Meta, is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia).

48-year-old Tina Kandelaki chose a slim-fit black leather dress with a zipper and a deep neckline for the event. The look was completed with diamond earrings. Her hair was straightened and her makeup was done with dark pink lipstick.

Tina Kandelaki recently clarified your secret of youth. One of the producer’s fans asked what procedures he went through with a beautician. The 48-year-old TV presenter admitted that she recently underwent facial rejuvenation with Clear and Brilliant laser, microcurrent and RF lifting. According to the celebrity, she has perfect skin after these procedures.

Producer spoke I feel better just looking at something sweet on my personal blog. According to Kandelaki, he was genetically unlucky to have a thin body, so he has been working hard on himself for the last 20 years.

previously online discussed Blonde photo of Tina Kandelaki.

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Source: Gazeta


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