Tina Kandelaki went public with her new image 23:07

TV presenter and producer Tina Kandelaki was the guest of the annual IRI award. She shared photos of the outfit she wore for the event on Instagram (its owner, Meta, is known as an extremist and has been banned in Russia).

48-year-old Tina Kandelaki chose a snow-white suit and men’s shoulder jacket for the evening. The look was completed with a matching bag and accent red high heels. But the new image caught the attention of fans – the producer cut off her bangs and shoulder-length hair. She also wore make-up with red lipstick.

The TV presenter regularly publishes articles about how she keeps herself in shape and prolongs the youthfulness of her skin using various procedures. The celebrity supports a healthy lifestyle, stating that she does sports every day and does not miss training without serious reasons. According to the star, it is important for her to feel strong and resilient at every age.

Producer spoke I feel better just looking at something sweet on my personal blog. According to Kandelaki, he was genetically unlucky to have a thin body, so he has been working hard on himself for the last 20 years.

Previously Tina Kandelaki starry sheer tights and crop top.

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Source: Gazeta


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