Experts list three main beauty procedures to prepare your skin for summer 13:02

Since heat increases the activity of the sebaceous glands, the needs for skin care products change with the onset of summer. Against this background, the risk of clogging of pores and inflammation increases, regardless of skin type. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out three cosmetic procedures before the start of the summer season; I learned Public News Service from experts.

The first recommended procedure is peeling, and since it is not believed to increase the skin’s sensitivity to light, it is better to opt for chemical peeling. Cleansing the top layer leads to the active production of collagen and elastin, increasing skin firmness and elasticity. However, experts emphasize that such procedures should be performed strictly with a beautician, who will determine their number based on the condition of the skin.

The second procedure is biorevitalization using injections into the skin with hyaluronic acid-based vitamins and amino acids. Traces of them are almost invisible, but the active production of the sebaceous glands decreases, while the skin receives powerful moisture and nutrition.

The third procedure to prepare the skin for summer is botulinum toxin injections, namely Botox; these should only be done when necessary. Such injections relax the muscles involved in active facial expressions.

It is also recommended to maintain body skin tone through massage, hot baths and the use of essential oils. It is also important to choose a good sunscreen and remember to apply it.

Experts emphasize that before all the listed procedures you need to make sure that there are no contraindications, it is better to choose products together with a beautician.

Let us remind you that doctors signAcne may worsen during the summer due to excessive exposure of the skin to UV rays. The result of this effect may be the appearance of new inflammatory elements and comedones. To prevent flare-ups during the summer months, it is necessary to use non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic sunscreens.

Dermatologists have previously explainedHow do you protect your skin from sun rays?

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