There’s Andrea: Gorka reunites with his girlfriend and settles all arguments on Survivors

Celebrating their one-year anniversary as a couple, Gorka and Andrea Morate meet again on Survivors, despite the young woman’s insistence on staying away from the media uproar caused by her son’s competition. Visibly nervous but eager to cuddle with partner Andrew.

Far from enjoying an easy match, Gorka faced a tough test. Reach Cayo Gallo by swimming despite the strong wind hitting the shore during the struggle. “This kid is an extraordinary athlete,” said Carlos Sobera, amazed and wary of the challenge. “What he has done is incredible,” he said and congratulated Gorka on his success live.

Tired, Gorka reached the small island without waiting for the exciting meeting with his daughter. After rejecting a delicious potato omelette for reading a letter from his parents. “I wanted to eat this the whole adventure, but I’ll keep the little card,” he said. In the letter, his loved ones expressed their love and encouraged him to move forward. “You can be sure. Those of us who know and love you will not doubt your word. You already know,” Gorka read.

But the surprises didn’t end there. Gorka had a big chest, from which Andrea emerged and embraced her partner in a tender embrace. “This is the best day of my life, the best“The contestant accepted this.

Reuniting with Marieta and Miri

Faced with constant attacks from colleagues that there might be more than friendship between him and Marieta, Gorka said: “I never doubted for a moment how much I loved Andrea. He’s making an effort to be here, I know he’s making an effort to support me, wordlessRegarding the first issue he wanted to clarify with his partner, Gorka commented: “I don’t know what was seen outside, let’s see if he really trusts me, I had no doubt about it, but I needed to feel it, I don’t remember the smell.”

Andrea will spend the night in Playa Corinto with Gorka and other Survivor contestants, whom she met after a few minutes alone. Arkan and Torres They were the first to acknowledge him, and then they all lined up so Andrea could greet them one by one. At the end of the row were Kiko, Marieta and Miri. “Andrea, what do you think about meeting Miri and Marieta?” asked Carlos Sobera from the set. “Good,” he replied, without having to say much about them. “If he doesn’t have questions, I have fewer answers,” Kiko said. Gorka, who thought the problem was “solved”, said: “There is nothing to hide.”

You doubted whether Andrea even existed, here she is“Gorka explained at the meeting. After meeting ‘face to face’ with Marieta and Miri, Andrea commented, “The truth is that I have nothing to tell you.”

a future wedding

Gorka, who was excited to be reunited, did not hesitate to confess in front of the cameras that he wanted to marry her in the future: “What would you like me to ask him live?… I will, but I can’t do it by boat anytime soon. I’m very traditional, I’ll ask his father for his hand first.“.

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