Orbakaite showed how she celebrated her birthday 12:06

Singer Kristina Orbakaite showed how she celebrated her birthday. The pop singer posted a video on Instagram (its owner, Meta, is known as an extremist and was banned in Russia).

Kristina Orbakaite recently turned 53. The artist and his family met at the restaurant. In the video, the pop singer makes a wish and blows out the candle on a piece of cake.

Kristina Orbakaite is married to Mikhail Zemtsov. The singer said she met the businessman on her birthday. In 2004, the entrepreneur celebrated a holiday in Miami, and although he called the house of the pop singer, composer Igor Nikolaev, he gave the wrong address and found himself in his mansion.

A year after this meeting, the couple got married in the USA. The celebrity explained that she did not have the strength to collect the necessary documents, certificates and tests to celebrate in Russia, so she might be allowed to marry a foreigner. According to the artist, the singer did not think about a wedding in Moscow, since even the status of her mother Alla Pugacheva would not help this bureaucratic process in any way, and her husband did not insist on it either. Orbakaite admitted that at the age of 33, she no longer dreams of a white dress and does not want to organize a magnificent celebration with a large number of guests. And on March 30, 2012, the couple had a daughter named Claudia.

The star also has two children from other men: in a relationship with Vladimir Presnyakov, the singer gave birth to her first child, Nikita, and son Denis from businessman Ruslan Baysarov.

Previously Ksenia Sobchak compared With Petrosyan’s wife because of the new image.

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Source: Gazeta


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