Olga Buzova came to the award in a tight rose-patterned dress 12:44

Singer Olga Buzova, IV. National Television Award for “High Five!” He was a guest at the presentation ceremony. In the large concert hall of the International Exhibition and Forum “Russia” at VDNKh. The press service of the award reported this to socialbites.ca.

Olga Buzova chose a tight silver dress with rose color and open shoulders for a public appearance. The look was completed with matching gloves and long earrings. She tied her hair into a simple bun and put on evening make-up.

Guests of the award include Evgenia Medvedeva, Khabib, Vanya Dmitrienko, MIA BOYKA, Valya Karnavali, Milana Nekrasova, Arseny Borodin, Rasa, Rodion Gazmanov, Akmal, Galibri & Mavik, Misha Marvin, Karina Nigay, Vyacheslav Makarov, Natalya Medvedeva and many others. took. others.

The day before Olga Buzova in a fluffy dress to come For the 20th anniversary of his TV career. A “front place” from “House-2” was installed in the interior of the bar, as well as retro TVs with images from various clips of the singer. The singer changed clothes and wigs three times during the event, reminding her of her stage appearances in different years. Among them, Olga Buzova appeared before the public in a lush red dress, which she decorated with huge earrings.

previously producer named The main hits of Olga Buzova.

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Source: Gazeta


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