Britney Spears scared her fans with her new video: “Cry for Help” 12:03

Singer Britney Spears scared her fans with her new video. The publication reports that Mirror.

Britney Spears, 42, recorded a video in which she appeared in a tight red dress. In the video, the singer looks at the camera and adjusts her outfit, while Heart’s song “All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You” plays in the background. Internet users thought the artist was acting strangely. According to some, the artist is asking for help.

“Is someone forcing Britney Spears to make these videos? Why is she anxiously looking to the right and looking at the reflection over her left shoulder?”, “I have a bad feeling watching this video”, “Every video she posts is a cry for help,” wrote X (formerly known as Twitter) .

at the beginning of may seen It was revealed that Britney Spears had a fight with her boyfriend, Richard Paul Soliz, at the Chateau Marmont hotel. The singer injured her leg during a fight with her boyfriend. The artist screamed and could not control himself in the corridor. The guests decided that he was mentally ill and called an ambulance.

Britney Spears met Richard Paul Soliz in 2022. The singer hired him to do renovations on the house. According to journalists, the artist’s lover has a criminal history. She was charged with driving without a license and disrupting public order. Soliz was arrested in 2020 for illegal possession of a firearm. He was sentenced to two years probation.

Previously Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck filmed Together after divorce rumors.

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