Bella Hadid was photographed on a yacht in her tiny bikini 12:17

Supermodel Bella Hadid was spotted on holiday in Cannes. Photos of the podium star were published on the website daily mail.

Bella Hadid, 27, was photographed on May 19. Paparazzi caught the supermodel on a yacht with her friends. She was wearing a famous, tiny black bikini. She accessorized her beach look with gold bracelets, numerous rings and statement earrings. Bella Hadid was photographed with her hair open and without make-up.

In February, Bella Hadid announced the launch of her alcohol-free perfume brand. The perfume is based on snow fungus, camellia, olive, almond, shea and jojoba oils. The perfumes went on sale on May 5.

Recently a supermodel approved rumors about a new love. Bella Hadid first posted a photo of herself with boyfriend Adan Banuelos. The catwalk star threw a party for her close friends in the stables. In one of the photos, the celebrity was sitting at the table with her lover. Although the man’s face was hidden, internet users were able to find out who Bella Hadid is currently dating.

Former Russian supermodel criticized Because she wore a very revealing outfit in Cannes.

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Source: Gazeta


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