‘Benediction’: poetry in war

‘Benedict’ ★★★★

Address Terence Davis

interpreters Jack Lowden, Simon Russell Beale, Peter Capaldi

Year 2021

premiere 8 July 2022

I don’t know if it’s ‘benediction’ Terence Davis as written by minor, active and passive, but audiences and readers who enjoy the very personal cinema of this British director will also know. a little Davies is far more interesting than any other ‘great’ director’s best film more licenses, relegations and relapses allowed. ‘Benediction’ is in sync with everything the director does, from ‘Voices in the Distance’ to ‘Deep Blue Sea’, ‘The House of Joy’ and ‘History of a Passion’. The same calm, the same dramatic pause, the same rigor in the frames.composition, graceful use of narrative voice, and commentary to tell a character’s story here in all the lines Davies has portrayed so far.

Siegfried Sassoon, poet and gayHe fought with honor and was awarded a medal. World War IBut when he returned to England, when the conflict had not yet subsided, he was vehemently opposed to his country continuing to fight while he took refuge in religion. Pre-existing music and the way it is used helps with drawing. this man’s sadness and the world he has to liveThe use of documentary footage of time, era and conflict that Davies has already used in other films such as ‘Sunset Song’.

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