Omar Montes and Belinda to put music on ‘Tadeo Jones 3: The Emerald Table’

‘Tadeo Jones’ will return to cinemas this summer with two famous artists in our country and Latin America. Omar Montes and Belinda join third movieThe main theme of the film, which will be released on August 26, will be ‘La tabla Esmeralda’.

‘If you call me’ The name of the song performed by Spanish singer Omar Montes and Mexican artist Belinda. Produced by Dabruk, mixed by Felipe Guevara and mastered by Carlos Hernández, by Sony Music Entertainment Spain. For Belinda, this is Goya’s second experience after being nominated for Best Original for ‘Te voy waiter’, after appearing with Juan Magán in the original song of the first episode, ‘The Adventures of Tadeo Jones’, in the international animated saga. Song 2013.

“It was an honor to be back in one of the epics that connected me to Spain. I think the mix with Omar reflects so much of the spirit of the movie. It’s a real gift,” he says. Belinda in a statement collected in a press release sent to the media.

On your own behalf Omer MontesIts latest release, ‘La llama del amor’, has reached #1 in music trends on YouTube since its debut and is one of the strongest viral trends on TikTok with over 10,000 creations, assuring that Tadeo Jones “is a part of life from everyone” . ours”: “He conquered the hearts of all Spaniards. It was an amazing experience with Belinda without a doubt, as we are similar.“.

This is ‘Tadeo Jones 3: The Emerald Tablet’

Tadeo would love for his archaeologist friends to accept him as one of the others, but in the end he always stirs up trouble: he destroys a sarcophagus and unleashes a spell that puts his friends’ lives in danger. Mummy, Jeff and Belzoni. With everyone against him and only Sara’s help, Tadeo boards an adventurous plane that will take him from Mexico to Chicago and from Paris to Egypt to find a way to end the mummy’s curse.

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