The emotional story of a ‘You Touched’ contestant: “I just started my transition at my age”

‘He touched you’ He arrived at TVE’s La 1 this past Monday by handing out first prizes and with an emotional story that deserves to be heard. Inside full celebration of the week LGBTIQ+ pride in Madrid, The sole purpose of the new competition presented by Raúl Gómez, Mar, a retired civilian guard, was the first competitor to have a boat option: “Out of the competition, I came to introduce myself because I was born a man, but I am a woman”.

“I just started at my transitional age, few people know, some of my family don’t knowSince I didn’t plan on going out on the first show, I have to tell him when I get home, “Mar reassured her in her presentation in space.

Raúl Gómez, host of ‘You Touched’, applauded Mar for her courage in telling her personal story: “We are happy that you are here as we can experience this transition with you. and that, like the rest of his classmates, he managed to win many awards”.

Although he did not win the pot with the extra ball he received, the smart watch and skydiving were a gift that excited Mar during his shots in Japanese billiards. “I hadn’t done it and it was something I had planned with my wife.“, reassured after learning of the award.

New afternoon contest ‘He touched you’ with Raúl Gómez at La 1, this Monday 6.3% and an average of 521,000 viewers, surpassed the data recorded by ‘Spain direct’ on Monday last week by 7 tenths and 57,000 viewers. The format somehow benefited from the good performance of ‘El Cazador’, which was the most watched (8.7% and 690,000) on the public channel in the afternoon.

Source: Informacion


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