‘Flawless’: Sydney Sweeney, queen of religious terror

Manager: Michael Mohan

Artists: Sydney Sweeney, Alvaro Morte, Simona Tabasco

Gender: Terror

Year: 2024

Premiere: 05/1/24


The coincidence of times between ‘The First Prophecy’ (2024) and ‘The Immaculate’ (2024) is intriguing, to say the least. two examples of religious horror with more than similar starting points, premises, and themes. Still, these are – or at least seem to be – films with different aims. The first, directed by Arkasha Stevenson, is more ambitious in every sense, both on a cinematographic level and in terms of its exploration of the themes it deals with (like the idea of ​​the body, the plot, which it shares with ‘Immaculate’). , fanaticism and science).

It’s officially more reserved than ‘The First Prophecy’, which doesn’t mean it’s poorly shot (it’s not), Michael Mohan’s movie (scary) seems to put pleasure ahead of ambition. And that’s okay. Both options are equally stimulating. It is conceptually closer to Nusploitation than Stevenson’s. ‘Immaculate’ perhaps does not live up to its amazing promotional campaign, it is not the festival it promises. It has too much predictability and lacks any memorable scenes, but it still offers three things worth praying for. First, it’s proof that Mohan truly enjoys the tools of horror cinema. Second, Sydney Sweeney’s outstanding performance: I hope there are many horror movies starring him. The third is a magnificent ending. Where eighty percent of recent horror movies have failed, ‘Immaculate’ shines, surprises and disrupts the flesh.

Source: Informacion


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