Kim Kardashian criticized for going out in a revealing top without a bra 13:02

Reality TV star, model and businesswoman Kim Kardashian has been criticized for her provocative image. Photos published on the website daily mail.

43-year-old Kim Kardashian was seen walking in Los Angeles on April 28. The reality TV star appeared in public in a low-cut and backless black long top. She also refused to wear a business woman bra. She paired her top with tights, heeled boots and sunglasses. The model tied her hair into a stylish bun and wore dark brown lipstick. Daily Mail readers criticized Kim Kardashian’s image. There were also those who accused her of copying the style of Kanye West’s new wife.

“She looks like she just came out of the hairdresser with her hair gray”, “She dresses like Bianca!”, “Bianca 2.0”, “Her team must be crying with laughter behind them!”, “They look like a cape, get them from the hairdresser”, “Weird copy of Bianca” they wrote in the comments.

Kanye West lately appeared publicly with his girlfriend Bianca Censori. They went to a romantic dinner. The girl chose a tight milky top and micro shorts for the date.

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