‘Serve and protect’ is renewed with new characters: a serial killer, a family of criminals, a doctor and new agents

‘Serve and protect’ has been completely revamped. The popular TVE series, which airs every afternoon at 5:25 p.m. on La 1, has reached a staggering number. 1,250 episodes broadcast for six continuous seasons. To celebrate this, the production of Plano a Plano is on Wednesday, July 6, alongside changes in its plots and locations. a dozen new characters.

Senior artists such as Luisa Martín, Juanjo Artero, Pepa Aniorte, Mamen Camacho or Roberto Álvarez are now joined by Unax Ugalde, Candela Serrat and Juan Carlos Vellido. Berta Galo, Jorge Silvestre, Guadalupe Lancho, Juan Díaz, Caterina Mengs and Santi Marín will join the series over the next few weeks.

Who is who?

Unax Ugalde, a new doctor, Matías Medina from the health centre. Although there are some differences between them, he will quickly become friends with Antonio and fully integrate into the neighborhood. Ugalde has worked in film, theater and television, acting in RTVE productions such as ‘Gran Reserva’ or ‘Main Tramel’. The game’.

Candela Serrat Julia, a lawyer who works tirelessly for the buffet of large companies and customers with a lot of money. But she goes through a crisis and decides to set up her own office and represent the people who really need it, through the Civic Center. Candela Serrat is a well-known face who has worked on television series like ‘Six Sisters’ or ‘I Am Alive’ and has developed most of her artistic career in theater with famous directors such as Mario Gas, Francisco Vidal and Joan. olle.

Juan Carlos Vellido, former boxer Isidro Galván He owns a secondhand trade business with his wife Noemí, who also earns extra by working as a hired thug. As a born hard worker and a lifelong neighborhood man, he struggles to support his family. The actor has worked in films and well-known television series at the behest of directors such as Guillermo del Toro, María Ripoll, Manuel Huerga or Rob Marshall.

Guadalupe Lancho, Isidro’s wife, Noemi Padilla. Intelligent and visionary, he is the real brain behind the business and the person who manages the finances. From a humble background, he likes to have grown up in life and likes to show it off, but worries that his son Saúl he sees won’t raise his head.

Jorge Silvestre is responsible for playing Saúl Galván, the son of Isidro and Noemí. He returns to the neighborhood after spending time working in the Ibiza nightlife world. She has a complicated relationship with her father, who never welcomes his homosexuality.

Berta Galo will be the first to arrive. to the Southern District. The young actress brings to life Iris Quiroga, a talented police officer with a privileged memory and an unusual capacity for analysis. Thanks to her high intellectual abilities, Iris earned her Computer Science degree in record time and is one of the youngest inspectors to leave the academy. The actress has taken on various roles on television and is one of the protagonists of RTVE Play’s successful teen fiction ‘To be or not to be’.

Juan Díaz will be responsible for the translation of Gael Cruz, who has returned to the neighborhood after fifteen years. Gael was once a young criminal with a daughter he didn’t care much for. He spent time in prison and there he realized that he needed to change his life. Years after Distrito Sur, she returns to the neighborhood to support her daughter.

Caterina Mengs is Gael’s daughter, Cata Cruz.. He is serving his sentence in Cerro Alto prison. Cata hides behind a tough neighborhood girl’s face, but she’s actually more scared than she looks.

Santi Marín plays Fabián Soto, a psychologist who specializes in crime profiling.. She has just split from a man she is about to marry and shares an office with. That’s why he comes to the neighborhood to make a radical change in his life.

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