Zendaya appeared in public in a transparent corset and braless dress 11:48

Hollywood actress Zendaya attended the premiere of the movie “The Contenders” in Los Angeles on April 16. Photos of celebrities were published on the website daily mail.

Zendaya, 27, chose a Vera Wang outfit for the indoor event. The actress came out in a maxi dress consisting of a black lace bodice and a voluminous pink skirt. She also famously refused to wear a bra. She accessorized her elegant look with small earrings and a ring. Makeup artists applied make-up, emphasizing her eyes, and stylists tied her hair into a high bun.

Zendaya and Tom Holland last week filmed At the premiere of the movie “The Contestants” in London. The actress appeared before the public in a white maxi dress with an open back and a bow on her head. Tom Holland came out in a light suit. One of the guests of the special night filmed the lovers hugging and kissing each other.

Zendaya lately happened The face of the new issue of British Vogue magazine. The actor appeared on the cover with a sporty look. He combined his red striped navy blue jacket with beige mini shorts and white Velcro sneakers. Zendaya posed with black hair and a short haircut.

Previously Harry Potter star Emma Watson starry bare-chested.

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