The stylist told us what to wear with jackets this season 13:09

In everyday life, a classic jacket can be combined with sports style attributes. Lamoda’s fashion editor Yana Yerkovich told about this.

“A casual polo, a sweatshirt from your favorite streetwear brand, or a vintage faded hoodie; Choose something that is as comfortable as possible but not too basic. Combinations of different styles in one look always work perfectly,” Yerkovich began.

The stylist also talked about the knitwear layering technique. First, you can wear a sweater under the cardigan, then add a jacket.

“If you’re in a team of minimalists, choose a pair of simple shirts in different colors that emphasize the contrast of the layers. And if you want comfort, choose a knitted vest and t-shirt under the jacket,” the expert advised.

For those who do not have time to spend a long time getting ready, Yana Yerkovich recommends creating monochrome looks with a jacket. According to the expert, this stylistic technique is easy to implement and adds restraint to the image.

Also, Yana Yerkovich said that you should not give up on accessories.

“In this case, not only jewelry, bags or unusual hats are useful, but also a rare model of sneakers that will attract the attention of passers-by,” explained the stylist.

The expert noted that bright accents should not be forgotten.

“You can choose a bulky T-shirt with a flashy print or a classic shirt in an unusual color; each option will look fresh and cheerful with a black straight jacket,” Yerkovich said.

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