Survivors appeal: “The Lady of Elche must stay”

Life Doesn’t End in Survivors and is Nominated Every Week They leave us more than one surprise. This week was a surprise Claudia and MarioThe Olimpo beach couple never expected the nomination because all the contestants agreed to nominate Arkano and the rapper from Alicante also nominated Mario.

The stories don’t add up, and the survivors have speculated a lot, none of which have anything to do with the truth: the residents of Limbo Beach accepted it and voted for Mario en masse. An unprecedented nomination.

So this week’s candidates? Mario and Claudia and marietta and Javier Hungary. The woman from Elche from ‘The Island of Temptations’ managed to make a place for herself in the hearts of her colleagues and everyone appreciates them so much that, despite everything, they did not nominate her the first week she was nominated. was on the island.

“I’m leaving now that I like coconut,” Marieta joked with her classmates who encouraged her and reminded her that anything can happen.

But the work did not end there, and Gorka made a big request for the continuation of the woman from Elche: “I want Spain to know how to understand that Marieta is a woman of character and freedom.” “And be careful before you frown,” the 24-year-old actress added, amused.

Showing off his good relationship with Marieta, Gorka continued to advocate for her salvation: “I thought I would find a crazy auntie from the Temptation Island world, and I found an auntie who could be my sister. She’s prettier than the others, she’s down-to-earth, and in a normal way, you can meet her in a cafeteria and I can chat with you. “A normal aunt who lives on the streets and is free.”

Defense of Ángel Cristo

What Marieta perhaps did not expect was that she also received the support of Ángel Cristo after the harsh words he said to her at the last gala. Bárbara Rey’s son called her “ignorant” and accused her of “knowing very well how to turn a man on.” He moves so well in the underworld like a fish in water. I’m sorry for the people who support me and my family, but it won’t happen again. “He says I like him and when he came he said sleeping with Ángel Cristo Jr. was a fantasy. I had to ask him twice to keep my distance.”

Moreover, Ángel wanted to warn Gorka about possible intentions…”Be careful. You don’t realize what’s happening outside…” said Ángel, “Gorka is a very close person and I want him to think about people outside as well.” The Basque couldn’t hide his surprise at the insinuations made by the contestant.

Of course, Marieta rejected the major and laughed at the words of her beach buddy, who encouraged her in the face of nomination and possible expulsion. Ángel Cristo told her, “Marieta, you just arrived and people really want to keep seeing you here.”

But it didn’t end there, both Bárbara Rey’s son and Gorka were clear about this and said the right words to encourage Marieta:Lady of Elche “It needs to stay.”

This Thursday we will clear the doubts and find out whether Elche’s representation in Supervivientes will continue to compete or, on the contrary, will return to Spain after spending a few weeks in Cayos Cochinos.

Source: Informacion


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