Stylist told me what clothes I should wear while working out 13:32

Those taking stretching classes should choose tank tops, oversized t-shirts or stretchy bodysuits instead of loose-fitting tops. On this subject, “Newspaper. Ru,” said stylist Karina Ostrovskaya.

“If your goal is to build muscle, it would be best to purchase high-quality tights or cycling shorts with a high waist and pair them with a crop top, tank top or T-shirt with good chest support. said the expert.

Karina Ostrovskaya advised cardio fans to wear a simple tracksuit. For those who like to do crossfit or aerobics, I recommended purchasing a top with maximum chest support.

According to the stylist, the most fashionable sports products now are asymmetrical crop tops, tracksuits or striped tights and joggers with comfortable elastic bands.

The main criterion when choosing clothes for sports is comfort. According to Ostrovskaya, the only element that needs to fit the figure perfectly is a special bra or top that supports the breasts.

The stylist recommends choosing sportswear containing nylon, spandex, polyester and elastane.

“They provide adequate air exchange, dry quickly and have optimum flexibility compared to natural materials. You can pay attention to models with knitted ends. Recent successes in the sports industry include Meryl/Tactel, Supplex and Coolmax,” said Ostrovskaya.

In addition, the expert noted that clothes made from synthetic fabrics withstand frequent washing much better, do not fade and very successfully resist sweat stains, which neither cotton, linen nor other natural materials can boast of. Ostrovskaya also warned that one should not exercise in warm clothes, as this will only increase the load on the heart.

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Source: Gazeta


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