59-year-old Kristin Davis showed her face without makeup and filters 14:32

Actress Kristin Davis, star of the TV series “And Just Like That”, showed what she looks like without makeup and filters. The celebrity posted a photo on Instagram (its owner, Meta, is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia).

Recently, 59-year-old Kristin Davis went on vacation to Kenya. In the new photo, the actress appeared in a burgundy blouse and pink shirt. The star of the TV series “And Just Like That” posed with her hair open. She supported the natural beauty movement by giving up make-up. Kristin Davis was photographed against the backdrop of a house and trees.

Kristin Davis last fall acceptedIt wasn’t until she was 58 that she “managed to accept her body.”

“I finally accepted and loved my figure. “That’s why I do things I love like yoga and pilates instead of worrying about not being skinny,” the celebrity shared.

Kristin Davis also addressed the issue of ageism in Hollywood. According to the star, this problem doesn’t just apply to Hollywood, it affects women all over the world.

“Today, women live in a society where ageism prevails. “It is very important that the transactions are made only of our own volition, not because we are under pressure,” said the actor.

Previously 41-year-old Natalya Podolskaya starry without makeup.

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Source: Gazeta


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