Paris Hilton responded to fans’ requests to show off her daughter 14:12

Actress and model Paris Hilton responded to fans who asked her to show off her daughter London. The celebrity spoke on TikTok.

Paris Hilton, 43, posted a video showing her one-year-old son Phoenix playing. Fans began to wonder why the model had not posted images of her daughter London. Netizens also asked when the celebrity will announce the heir. The actor did not specify the exact date but assured that he will do so in the near future.

Paris Hilton married businessman Carter Reum in November 2021. The lovers attended the wedding, to which many celebrities were invited. In January 2023, the celebrity announced that a new member had joined the family. She announced on social networks that they had a son named Phoenix through a surrogate mother. Paris Hilton and Carter Reum welcomed their daughter London in November.

At the end of February fans become Worry about heiress Paris Hilton. Some Internet users found it strange that a celebrity regularly shows off her son but hides her daughter.

Previously reportedHe said that the daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt chose a profession that her mother did not like.

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