Rain of fights between Makoke and Lorena Morlote in Survivors

Lorena Morlote, The second person to be permanently expelled from the reality show arrives in Spain after leaving Playa Limbo with little regret. The artist, who wanted to continue his daily life, his job at the hairdresser and enjoy the comfort of life outside of competition, would first have to go to the set of ‘No Man’s Land’. makoke and the tensions he felt would be there when he returned.

Carlos Sobera asked the woman, Kiko Matamoros, if she wanted to accept her standing friend as well as her other friends, and she admitted that she had not decided yet. Set screens finally announced the entrance of Lorena Morlote and Makoke. Unlike other people, he continued to sit.. After greeting his family and friends, the survivor approached him and asked: “Can I give you a kiss?” and under the watchful eye of the public they delicately exchanged two kisses.

The first topic to be discussed was his controversial meeting with himself. Laura Matamoros Lorena said “Makoke is not worth defending me” and argued that this was not a personal thing against her, but rather that she felt neither she nor her family or friends could defend her. Nadia Fernandez. He remembered how he had refused to be Makoke’s advocate; At this point Makoke immediately accused him of being a liar and said: “I didn’t want to defend you because I said, I work here, defenders don’t get paid, I work.”

Each defended his own case and changed the subject before reaching a common point. Makoke seemed no more or less hurt by the way he talked about him than he was with Laura Matamoros, who dedicated her jump from the helicopter to his words. “Makoke, to the street”. Makoke reprimanded her for stopping people from talking about Aurah, whom she had only known for a few weeks. This didn’t stop Laura from “making fun” of him.

Lorena argued that “If you have such an opinion, I will respect it and nothing will happen.” While Makoke gives an answer “Honestly, nothing happens, I know you care very little anyway, you showed it, so I don’t like it either.”. Carlos Sobera asked the contestant to sit next to Makoke, who made room for him but kept a distance of half a meter so that he was not too close.

Lorena Morlote after the program

A calmer Lorena spoke exclusively to Europa Press after the programme, explaining that she was confident in getting closer to Makoke without having to give up the friendship she had with Laura in Honduras.

“It’s been a wonderful, wonderful experience. I’m leaving with such a beautiful and beautiful memory, the thing is, I was supposed to be in Spain anyway, I had to leave for X reasons and it’s so good.” And I took a wonderful friend like Laura, who I didn’t know and was a very sweet aunt, and I took a wonderful friend like Aurah, and I took a wonderful sister friend like Kiko Jiménez. After being reunited with his daughter and receiving a bouquet of flowers, he confessed with excitement and said, “He is a person who treated me very well, he took great care of me and I am very happy.”

admit that it is Makoke’s attitude towards her when she returns from the reality show is “shock”Although Lorena still needs to see clearly what happened and what was said while she was on the island, she assures that her breakup with the collaborator “hurt” her because she believed she could “maintain the relationship” with both of them. Like with his old girl from Matamoros.

“Very small things came up but I spoke very well about him, too.I didn’t take Laura’s side, but I don’t know if it’s just based on that, or if it’s based on listening for two or two seconds or five seconds. He doesn’t want to value friendship, nothing happens. life is so much” he says. “I know what I say, I know my thoughts and I know when I love a person, so I never let them down and I’m always there,” he adds, confident that he can “Talk to Makoke to see what can be fixed.”

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