Carmen Borrego’s son attacked his mother after their separation: “She disappointed me by selling our pregnancy”

Bomb effect on Carmen Borrego: her son and husband Paola Olmedo, they sold a special merch to talk about their breakup. The magazine chosen was Semana and the publication will go on sale tomorrow with the following headline: “I feel guilty for the harm done to Paola“.

José María Almoguera and his ex-partner broke their silence in an interview with Semana magazine after learning that their marriage had broken down. Without knowing the full interview, José María also describes his tense relationship with his mother, Carmen Borrego, in one of the subheadings on the cover: “I was disappointed when you sold our pregnancy“.

“We want to be the ones to explain the reasons for the separation” not third parties speaking on behalf of a so-called medium. We have already seen that they will talk about us, so at least let the truth be known and do not start saying that there are third parties and other nonsense,” explains Jose María in this publication.

But the controversial statements of Carmen Borrego’s son do not end there, because he speaks openly about his mother: “If my grandmother had not died, I would still not talk to my mother.” These aren’t Almoguera’s only words, according to the magazine, and he confirms that neither Carmen nor the rest of the family would appreciate them.

José Maria’s ex-wife Paola also does not hesitate to talk about her ex-mother-in-law: “My father and my best friend found out I was pregnant because Carmen told him. “If I had known this was going to come out, I would have talked to them sooner.”

As for whether Carmen was home the day she went to say goodbye to her son before leaving for Survivors, Paola confirms that she was home when he arrived: “We greeted each other and I left because I had to take my son to training. “… He can come to my house whenever he wants, but do not bring the press.”

He also speaks Carmen Borrego’s daughter

Some devastating revelations were made in ‘TardeAR’ this Tuesday, after which we saw Carmen’s daughter, Carmen Rosa Almoguera, talking on the phone for a long time, anxious and tense, outside a bar in the center of the capital. Alejandra Rubio’s cousin made several calls without leaving his mobile phone for even a second, gesturing and waving to his interlocutor, probably while talking about José María’s unexpected private conversation.

But very cautiously He avoided speaking in front of cameras about José María and Paola’s attacks on his mother.Although he has not hesitated to defend Carmen and make it clear that he has Carmen’s unconditional support in these difficult moments, it is estimated that he will learn this at the Survivors premiere on Thursday. “I always support my motherI’m sorry, you’re working and I understand, but I’m getting in my car and driving home. “Good evening,” said Carmen Almoguera, and although she preferred to remain silent and not reveal what she thought about her brother’s privileges, she admitted that she loved her mother very much and could trust her, saying “of course yes” for whatever she wants.

We don’t know what Carmen will say about her son’s private and devastating revelations, but the collaborator is expected to be on the Survivors set this Thursday and we have no doubt Jorge Javier will ask her all the questions and more. .

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