The secret of producing lactose-free cheese was revealed to Russians 04/02/2024, 20:33

The production of lactose-free cheese is almost no different from the normal cheesemaking process. Nikolay Chaplyuk, chief technologist of Unagrande Company, told

“The production method practically does not differ from the classical one. For example, the process of making lactose-free mozzarella involves pasteurizing and normalizing premium milk to obtain the required fat content. “After the milk is ripened in a special tank, it enters the cheese factory, where the cheese is cooked with the addition of Italian yeast and rennet,” said the expert.

The food technologist noted that in the process of preparing a lactose-free product, a special enzyme is used that completely breaks down lactose.

“The technology is simple to define but difficult to implement, as it is important to preserve the true taste, quality and health benefits of fresh cheese,” said Chaplyuk.

The technologist explained that lactose, also called milk sugar, is found in the milk of mammals. For this reason, people with lactose intolerance cannot consume dairy products regularly.

Russians before saidHow can you eat nutritiously when you don’t have enough time?

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Source: Gazeta


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