Wicked internet celebrity Belle Delphine showed off a new video especially for gamers. And it’s saturated with erotica again

Internet celebrity and part-time porn star Belle Delphine has published her new music video for gamers. It was also attended by a millionaire YouTuber nicknamed Twomad. Like the scandalous model’s previous works, the video is steeped in madness, stupidity and eroticism.

The Belle Delphine channel now has more than 2 million subscribers. In the new clip, the girl also advertised her Onlyfans profile with closed content.

Recall that Belle Delphine showed enlarged breasts in April.

This girl is known for her extremely crazy antics. For example, in 2019 a model was arrested by the police because she had sprayed another girl’s car. The reason was the kidnapping of the hamster Belle Delphine, which, incidentally, was later returned to her.

She also sold water from her bath. It later turned out that the water had no human DNA.🎮 One of the most meme games became free

Source: VG Times


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