Paris Hilton made an important statement about her children 12:44

Model and actress Paris Hilton admitted that she is afraid of her children being addicted to social networks. This was reported by daily mail.

43-year-old Paris Hilton attended the annual Day of Irrational Speech event in Los Angeles. At the event, the model said she wants her children to “grow up in a kind world.” The celebrity admitted that it is important for her for her son Phoenix and daughter London to spend time outside of social networks.

“I feel like this (social media) really takes a lot out of kids. They don’t go out or play much anymore because everyone is too busy on their phones. “I hope my children will not be as addicted to social networks as I am,” said Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton married businessman Carter Reum in November 2021. In January 2023, the celebrity announced that a new member had joined the family. She announced on social networks that they had a son named Phoenix through a surrogate mother. Paris Hilton and Carter Reum welcomed their daughter London in November. fans lately started Concern about the development of the son of a model and entrepreneur.

Previously Eva Mendes saidwho encouraged him to give up his career.

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Source: Gazeta


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