Morgenstern’s ex-wife posed in shorts and a hat with headphones 20:10

Dilara Zinatullina, ex-wife of rapper Alisher Morgenstern (known as a foreign agent in the Russian Federation), posted a photo in shorts on a balcony in Moscow. He shared the photos on Instagram (the owner, Meta, is known as an extremist and is banned in Russia).

Model Dilara Zinatullina posed in a black turtleneck sweater and tight mini shorts. The look is completed with a fur hat with headphones and beige boots. Her hair was styled in big curls and her makeup was done with jet black wings.

Dilara Zinatullina announced that she divorced Morgerstern in April 2022. According to the girl, their relationship began to crack after the wedding. Dilara emphasized that they managed to break up without a scandal and added that she respected Morgenstern and did not intend to offend him in any way. Morgenstern himself stated that the reason for the divorce was a different understanding of love. The rapper emphasized that, unlike Dilara, he does not consider physical betrayal as betrayal.

Broadcaster Slava Booster (real name – Vyacheslav Leontiev) in July invited Zinatullin’s appointment cost him seven million rubles.

Previously Dilara Zinatullina starry in an extreme show.

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Source: Gazeta


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