Asraf returns to Survivors: The situation that could happen again for the contestant on GH

For Asraf Beno, the “nightmare” may repeat for the second time in a row. The contestant, who has become a major media figure as a result of his relationship with Isa Pantoja and his involvement in two of the most well-known reality shows on television, is only a minute away from finding out if she is aware of this incident. Winner of Big Brother Duo or, on the contrary, if he becomes a finalist again.

For those who love winter reality shows and do not know where things will go in the summer, Asraf won the hearts of viewers on air. survivors The year 2023. Howeverthe power of his most loyal followers was limited and they promoted him to second placeHe’s close to taking home the final prize of 200,000 euros.

There are only a few days left to find out who will be the winner of the Duo edition of Big Brother, with a prize of 100,000 euros at stake for one of the four finalists to survive the final expulsion: Asraf Beno, Elena Rodríguez, Manuel González, Lucía Sánchez. As is customary in these programs, the contestants have a defender other than Guadalix de la Sierra and, despite the initial surprises, in the case of Asraf. Jesus was not Pantoja.

Forget the past

But given her constant effort to move from her home to the capital to go to the set, La Pantoja’s daughter, who prefers to keep a lower profile, tried to move around as much as possible by taking control of her husband’s social networks. your followers. “To the Asraf team: I remember that it is very easy and very important to vote. We need all the help possible, if you have the opportunity to download the application on all possible devices.Do this with different accounts on your family and friends’ phones. Those of you who voted know that this is a moment and it won’t be a big deal if you ask for help. We have to get all the votes possible,” she said, prompting Isa P to stand up for her winning boyfriend.

Both Asraf and himself are having trouble with the result of the last competition and this time they want to change the course: “What we see survivors We feel great helplessness when Asraf cannot see him declare himself the winner. Now we have the opportunity to make it happen and make GH Duo a winner.”

These are the confirmed contestants of Telecinco’s extreme reality show:

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