Ana Rosa asked journalists “not to be the spokesperson of any government”: “I have never experienced this much pressure”

Ana Rosa Quintana This weekend he spoke about political pressures on journalism. The journalist was recognized this weekend Zaballos Foundation award An award he describes as “an honour” for Defense of Constitutional Rights: “I guess I basically want to sing about freedom, the constitution and the king.”

The communicator spoke to the media at the event last Friday, and while speaking to the media today, he was very clear when talking about how to handle political information. “It’s hard to do political reporting right now.Because I have never experienced so much pressure as I did on the morning show last season,” the Telecinco presenter told Europa Press.

Fundamentally, I believe we have an obligation to fight for freedom of expression. Now we have to worry about doing our job well and working honestly. Not being the spokesperson of any government“Neither this nor the previous one, working objectively and freely,” he commented. Quintana.

When asked about the type of pressure he was under in this intervention, the presenter listed some examples of this: “Well… They raised their arms and took me to election campaigns, they mentioned my name in Congress… I’ve never seen this before. “It’s trendy now, judges are being quoted, journalists are being quoted… but to be honest, I’ve never seen this before.”

Source: Informacion


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