Chef Filimonov picks the weirdest pizza ingredients

It can be filled with pizza, chocolate hazelnut cream, falafel, pasta, and other toppings that might seem odd. Vladimir Filimonov, brand chief of TVOЯ Pizza delivery service, told about this.

“Pizza is associated with a main course, but it can also be a dessert. It’s all about the ingredients – sometimes desserts are used as a filling. Two win-win options are recommended: nutella with banana slices or jam with mascarpone, ”said Filimonov.

He added that falafel can be used for the filling and thus the meal can be made satisfying. And in Japan they make pasta pizza to add nutrition.

“At first glance, the combination of dough with another flour product seems very strange. However, macaroni pizza is a popular dish in Japan. Cabbage, pork, squid and scrambled eggs are also added as a filling,” he said.

Among the strange but relevant ingredients, squid ink, as well as avocado—must be put fresh after cooking—has given its name.
The last unusual ingredient named by the chef is sour cream.

“Traditionally, the base of the pizza is topped with a layer of red tomato sauce or a white cream sauce. But the Hungarian street food recipe uses sour cream. The basis of such a pizza is deep-fried and sprinkled with grated cheese on top, ”Filimonov explained.

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Source: Gazeta


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