American Cosmopolitan made the first cover using a neural network

In the United States, Cosmopolitan magazine first appeared with a cover created by the artificial intelligence DALL-E 2. Web site prints.

The Zoom cover, along with the neural network, was created by the editors of Cosmopolitan, members of the OpenAl science lab, and digital artist Karen X.

They typed various text queries into the AI, such as “Hand of a young woman with painted nails holding a cosmopolitan cocktail”, “close-up of a fashionable woman by director Wes Anderson”, “a woman with an earring”. a portal to another universeā€. They were then asked to do an encyclopedia-style close-up of “a fashionable woman from the 1960s.”

This task DALL-E 2 took 20 seconds, after which six unique illustrations of women appeared on the screen.

The cover team decided that the most successful request was “a low-angle, wide-angle shot of an athletic female astronaut walking with peace of mind towards a camera on Mars in an endless digital art universe.” This image was put on the cover of Cosmopolitan.

DALL-E 2 artificial intelligence works to accept requests from users and then creates distinctive illustrations thanks to the knowledge of hundreds of millions of images throughout human history.

Formerly knowledgeable3D model of Marilyn Monroe in a Balenciaga dress was featured on the cover of CR Fashion Book.

Source: Gazeta


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