Orthodontist Oparin called the tooth transplant trend

Orthodontist Andrey Oparin described tooth transplantation as a fashionable alternative to implantation. This has been reported “Lenta.ru”.

During the surgery, the orthodontist transplants the patient’s natural tooth into the right place on the opposite side of the jaw. The procedure can be applied in cases where the old tooth is extracted or destroyed.

An antagonist tooth is selected as a donor for transplantation – it merges with the one that was removed during chewing.

“When a tooth is transplanted, the connective tissue usually dies and adheres to the bone. Oparin becomes almost indistinguishable from an implant in terms of functionality,” he said.

The doctor warned that patients are forewarned that their own teeth take root much less often than implants. They must sign a special agreement that implies a certain responsibility for the operation.

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Source: Gazeta


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