Conscious shopping. How to dress smartly for sales? Stylist Demchenko advised buying things made from natural fabrics on sales 18.02.2024, 18:06

Where to start: wardrobe audit

Fashion historian and stylist Yana Demchenko believes that discount shopping should be approached as carefully as possible. In his opinion, it is best to take a look at the current collections throughout the season and wait for the sales to start, first checking whether there will be a discount on the products you like or whether this is a permanent series without discounts. If the item you need is on sale in the future, it’s worth the wait, but it won’t last long because popular sizes sell out quickly.

According to Demchenko, before going shopping you need to carefully analyze to understand what is missing in your wardrobe:

“If you notice a distinct flaw in your skirts or your demi-season coat is worn out, then you can safely set out on a reconnaissance mission to meet the next season fully armed. But if there is no acute shortage, it is better to rethink whether you need things left over from the previous season or whether it is wiser to invest in something that will radically update your summer wardrobe.

Stylist Olga Romanenkova has a similar opinion – the revision of your own wardrobe will help you buy what you really need, and not another pair of jeans “for the collection”. The best thing, she believes, is to make a specific list and go shopping with it.

“A lot of people have things in their closets that they don’t wear. But not because these things are outdated or don’t fit, but because there isn’t a suitable pair for them. In this case, I recommend that you look for the missing products and accessories on sale,” explained the expert.

Where to buy: in shopping malls or online

The advantage of February sales is that not only mass market brands are available, but also expensive brands. So, if you were afraid to even look at the price of that perfect coat in the window of a high-end boutique at the beginning of winter, now is the time to go in and try it on. Moreover, after that you can still think: unlike the mass market, expensive brands are in no hurry to get rid of previous collections and hold out until the last minute with really good discounts.

“It is quite possible to wait for the last discounts on clothing in the premium and luxury segment, the main thing is to clarify when the discounts will end so as not to end up with nothing,” Demchenko warned.

When you go on sale in mass branded stores, you need to be prepared that you will be storming the counters and fitting rooms in the company of the same bargain hunters as you.

“Sales in the mass market always look the same: to buy a product at a discount that is not yet worn out or dirty from a large number of fittings, you need to come to the store or hold the discount in the first days of the sale. online orders,” the stylist said.

According to him, if shopping malls with crowds of people scare you, ordering from an online mall is a good option, where you can try everything and immediately throw away the things you don’t need.

“This way, you can try on lots of essential items when you find yourself lacking in your wardrobe or find an outfit for a specific event,” the expert added.

February sales take place not only in Russia but all over the world. For those who have not yet found alternatives to outdated brands, stylists recommend visiting the Turkish websites of their favorite brands. Turkish has various reasons:

  • First, the products of many mass market brands in Turkey are initially cheaper than in other countries;
  • Secondly, due to high inflation and the exchange rate of the local currency, shopping in Turkey is now advantageous for everyone who does not receive a salary in lira – clothing prices are slowly increasing.
  • Another plus is that delivery from Turkey to Russia will not take much time.

“It is profitable to order products from Inditex brands from Turkey, because the same Zara, Oysho, Stradivarius, Bershka, Massimo Dutti and others are cheaper from them than they were once in Russia. And despite all the additional costs and even taking into account delivery, it turns out cheaper than what we had. For example, the cost of a Zara sweatshirt is 2,380 rubles, the website (which provides agency services in the transaction – charges 355 rubles, while delivery will cost another 800 rubles. It comes out to 3,500 rubles,” said Narmina Gahramanova, head of the marketing department of Turkish Mall company.

The only point: such online purchases are good only if you are already familiar with the brand’s products and know how they will sit on you, because returning them will be problematic at least.

What to buy: basic or trends

Selling isn’t just about saving money, it’s also about spending money. For example, for things you can’t afford without a discount.

Therefore, according to fashion historian Demchenko, it is worth investing in the missing basic items made from natural materials (clothes made of leather, wool, silk or cashmere).

Stylist Romanenkova also recommends investing in a high-quality foundation:

“This can be cashmere sweaters, classic jeans or outerwear, which is especially profitable to buy during off-season sales.”

Is it worth buying “edgy” seasonal items in sales? Stylists do not have a clear answer to this question.

“You should not overload your wardrobe with trendy things. But if you see a fashionable dress at an affordable price, you like it and understand that you will wear it, then you should buy it with confidence,” Romanenkova advised.

Demchenko believes that it is worthwhile to spend money on a fashionable item if it can become one of the style-defining items in your wardrobe: it can be outerwear of an unusual cut, bright shoes, a spectacular jacket, skirt or trousers.

“I would say the real question you have to navigate is how much you want this thing. Do you just want it because it’s on sale, or can you pay full price? “If you answer this question honestly, you will understand everything immediately,” he emphasized.

If you want to understand whether the product on sale will be valid in the next season, you can look at the 2024 autumn pre-collections, most of the autumn shows are already on the way. Spoiler: It’s mostly British classics and hardcover games, so feel free to pay attention to both of those areas.

What are you thinking?

The end of winter is a traditional sales season: retailers are in a hurry to clear the shelves for new collections and therefore do not miss out on truly significant discounts. It is easy to lose your head from red price tags with tempting “minus 70%” prices, so stylists recommend approaching shopping at discounts extremely seriously. Where to go and what to buy so as not to fill your closet with outdated or unnecessary things – in the material of

Source: Gazeta


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