Arkano confessed his biggest fear in Survivors: “I’m scared”

Guillermo Rodríguez Godínezknown as artistic ArkanHe is the most famous rapper from Alicante with his extraordinary skill. cockfighting and the ability to improvise. Born in Alicante on October 17, 1994, Arkano started his career worldwide. free style He became a major figure in the Spanish rap scene at a young age. He is known for His intelligence, mental quickness and touching on social and personal issues in his rhymes, This earned him the respect and admiration of a wide public.

Arkano not only left his mark on rap competitions; won numerous championships here; Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos national championship in Spain and world championship in 2015, but he also stood out for his social activism. Participated in campaigns against school bullyingin favor of sexual diversity and has collaborated with various organizations to promote inclusion and respect through his music.

Arkano in Survivors

Arkano is no stranger to the world of radio and television. The rapper has appeared on shows such as ‘La Voz Kids’ on Antena 3, ‘Typical Spanish’ on La 1 and more recently MasterChef Celebrityand cooperated Ser Chain.

Now Arkano is on the move again and decides to embark on a new adventure that surprises his followers: joining the Survivors. The Telecinco program is known for testing the physical and mental endurance of its participants in an extreme survival environment and represents a completely different challenge for the artist, far from the stages and freestyle battles he is accustomed to.

I couldn’t get more excited and I was so scared, I’m scared.” said Arkano, giving the following assurance in his promotional video: “I am truly a city person, I am not used to the countryside and insects. I don’t know how to fish, I don’t know how to light a fire, I don’t know what will happen”.

Additionally, the rapper from Alicante recently shared a video on his Instagram account showing how he prepared for the survival competition. “It’s so good! I’m going to Survivor as if my life wasn’t already weird. “I’m getting ready for all the tests I’m going to face,” he says in a video in which he can be seen running and crawling on the beach. Also, to overcome some of the competition’s most famous tests, such as dragging a partner through the sand and thus receiving a prize practice.

Guillermo likewise noted that he maintained his weight, stayed balanced, and “I am preparing myself for many more ways, such as tying rope knots.. Because? Because I have a video on YouTube and I believe it will help me on the island,” he explains with amusement.

But there is undoubtedly the thing that scares him the most; jump from helicopter. And no wonder, this is the first challenge that the heroes of the reality show have to face, because to get to the island they travel by helicopter, and from this challenge they have to jump into the sea from a significant height.

This can introduce risks that we have seen in some editions before, as there are some contestants who have been injured when they hit the water, making it one of the toughest and scariest tests.

We are sure that the rapper will overcome his fears and achieve a big breakthrough and of course a great competition.

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