Gesture that angered a diner from ‘First Dates’: ‘Looks strong to me, not the place’

For some guests of ‘First Dates’ there are important details that may disturb others. This is Michel, a 50-year-old officer from Biscay who came to the ‘First Dates’ restaurant saying he likes to look at himself but doesn’t show his body:i do it to feel good“.

I like women who wear high heels because I find them more attractive, more sexually reserved. A woman in slippers is not the same as a woman in heels,” said Michel, assuring him in the first minutes of Carlos Sobera’s programme.

A few minutes later, Michel knew he was going to meet María, the 51-year-old cleaner from Coruña, and as she walked through the restaurant door, she described herself as a different woman: “Seemed more modern than usual. I’m an extrovert, I like to have a good time, laugh, have fun…“.

“There are men I have imposed on them and that has made me not be able to go any further with them,” she said, and she had a clear idea of ​​her type. The man she’s looking for: “I want to find someone who is focused. This one doesn’t have those rare flaws.”

The truth is, when they sit at the table the restaurant has reserved for them, the truth is that their strong personalities have only caused them to find differences and an unwillingness to say things to each other’s faces. In fact, Michel wasn’t feeling very well because he had spiked his insulin dose in the middle of Maria’s dinner: “I’m going to give a shot here because I truly believe that diabetic people don’t have to hide to get vaccinated.. Then I’m going to pierce myself here”

“It doesn’t bother me at all. I work in healthcare, so… I recently moved to work at a hospital in another town,” Michel told María at the desk, but later reassured that something was quite wrong when she was alone in front of the ‘First Dates’ cameras’: “seems a little strong, because it’s not the place to be beaten“.

In the last minutes of the evening, different personalities once again attracted attention in the ‘Final Decision’. María wanted a second date with Michel, but chose to leave the restaurant on her own instead.First Dates: “I didn’t feel like I had to feel to say that she is the woman I want to go on with my life.

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