Adriana Ugarte: “Accepting that you’re a victim can heal you”

A real event, the abolition of the Parot doctrine in 2013, serves as a starting point for the fictional story it raises. ‘parrot’, that series replaces’Tell me‘ in La1 Thursday nights, June 23 (10:40). The prolific Adriana Ugarte plays a cop who must find the killer, one of whom murders rapists, terrorists, and pedophiles who have been released with reduced sentences, resulting in a change in the judiciary. The underlying theme of this ‘thriller’ is, if justice is fair, very close to the actor as he comes from a family of lawyers. In the cast of ‘Parot’, which premiered a year after its release on the platform Amazon Prime Videothere are names like Blanca Portillo, the mother of the protagonist, playing a therapist; His rapist, Ivan Massagué, and one of his colleagues at the police station, Javier Albala.

Can you understand the decision of the killer in this series to take justice into his own hands to end the lives of the prisoners who escaped from the prison thanks to a judicial cannon?

At this point in my life, each time I try to judge less and more and more to understand that anything is possible. Unfortunately, history teaches us that all kinds of personalities and more or less abnormal events fit into this world. I am not surprised that they exist, another thing is that I do not share them.

Her character, Isabel, is traumatized by the rape she experienced at the age of 16. Did you get advice for commenting?

Throughout the shoot, I was documenting myself through interviews with abused people and therapists. I was intrigued to see how the victim could evolve and approach their relationship in the future.

How was the shooting of the scene itself?

It was difficult. Not just for me, but for the whole team. Even if you’re used to it and know it’s fiction, feeling unarmed with someone so powerful over you puts you in a disconnected state and is as common as dissociation with raped women. The body stays where it is, but the mind is not there. And the bad thing is that this separation takes root in your life.

This happens to his character.

She lives like a robot, serves the system as the best police officer, but is a woman deeply broken and unhappy at her inability to manage the drama of her adolescence.

But Isabel is presented not as a victim, but as a woman devoted to her work and her daughter.

It’s not even traumatizing to realize what happened to him. But those who bear and manage their pain, those who talk about it, I don’t think they are victimizing themselves. It’s good for society to acknowledge that there are victims, and that doesn’t mean victimizing them. Sometimes it scares me that being strong with these things seems positive, and in my character it’s his problem and it leads him to an absolutely unhappy and meaningless life. Admitting that you are the victim of something so terrible can heal you.

In fact, his relationship with his mother (Blanca Portillo) and her teenage daughter (Nicole Wallace) is extremely strained.

I love it because it serves to treat the toxicity that exists between generations and generations when personal traumas are not resolved.

Did this series, which belongs to a family of lawyers, also intrigued you because it discusses justice?

I didn’t study law because I chose another career, but it’s a career I love today. I made it at home and my father, mother, brother, aunt and some uncles dedicate themselves to it. It’s true that being this close to him is something familiar that motivates me a bit.

Have you thought about whether justice was just as a result of ‘Parot’?

Of course! That’s the great question the show raises, the confrontation between justice and ethics. It is also a philosophical question since the Greeks. ‘Parot’ is an opportunity to start a very enriching discussion between different viewpoints, all very legitimate.

He talks about ethics because the other profession he chose was Philosophy. Is it already over?

I’m on the job. At this rate, I’ll be 93 years old. I keep losing calls. I have exams in June and September and I’m shooting. UNED must be very happy with me financially.

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