Ruth Wilson: “Women are always under pressure to do the right thing”

British actress ruth wilson premieres directly online this Friday ‘Real Things’, a feature film co-produced with his ex-wife Jude’s Law on Deborah Kay Davies’ short story ‘The Truth About Me’where is a drama it contains She plays a woman who is constantly pressured by society to “do the right thing”.

“I believe it He looks more like me than any of the other characters I’ve played.Over my thirty-odd years, I have repeatedly felt the pressure of what needs to be done to be ‘normal’, women are always under pressure to do the right thing: We will have a child, we will have a partner, we will have a ‘normal’ relationship,” says the actress, interviewing Efe from her home in London.

“Whether it’s your close friends who know you very well or just people on the street, all these questions are asked to women all the time. It’s like they’re saying to you: Are you going to live like everyone else thinks? Do they have any expectations of being a woman? And I think that’s a huge pressure.” ‘Jean Eyre’, Multiple Emmy Award-winning series in 2007.

Like serial protagonist ‘Event’, ‘Luther’ anyone ‘Woman. Wilson’his most personal project on the surprising history of his family – his grandparents were agents of the British M16 – Wilson She defends this vulnerable young woman who is Kate, who is as misfit as she is alone, sitting on the edge of the cliff, who can find herself in any relationship. Although everyone knows that “that boy is not for her” – first – it can be considered “normal”.

“I think Kate someone who is desperately trying to fit in. She wants to be like her friend Allison (Hayley Squires) or how their parents want it to be. And she chooses a man who is clearly incompetent and is trying to “hunt” for a conformist relationship. In a certain way—pointing—helps her, because it makes her feel fun, appetizing. But it doesn’t work,” explains Wilson.

led by english harry wootlff‘True Things’ follows Kate Perkin. woman in her thirties who works in a social services office and is stuck in a boring and frustrating routine. Wanting to have a partner, one day she meets a boy named Blond, who has just been released from prison for a petty crime.Tom Burke) and decides that he can try his luck with her.

But unsurprisingly, Blond isn’t the nice guy she needs: they get together sexually, but she becomes obsessed. The relationship explodes in a sea of ​​promises and promises, excessive drugs and alcohol. and finally, an incoherent invitation from the boy to accompany Kate to her sister’s wedding in Spain.

The movie talks about self-actualization. Throughout the process and through this relationship, she discovers who she is,” explains Wilson.

Wilson admits that playing Kate made her “more exposed or watched, I don’t know, watching”. “And Harry filmed it so candidly, he couldn’t hide me. It was so complicated after that, because he is a very intuitive character, somewhat deterministic; it is he who chooses the child”.

“I wanted Kate to be quiet and, in some ways, introverted, to let her imagination contemplate what this guy might be,” she says.

Wilson does not fully describe why he chose some roles or others; With ‘Luther’ he explains, didn’t want to do it at first“I was playing a game and I didn’t like the character, but it eventually came back to me. It’s always a bit of a mystery. It’s usually the stuff that falls into your lap as soon as you’re ready to pick it up. IT.”

“I really don’t know how to choose, it’s just instinct”she confirms, and ‘Mrs. Wilson’ is a project that emerged ‘very organically’.

“We discovered this story about 20 years ago, I never met my grandfather, but thanks to my grandmother, we discovered the whole story. We discovered all the other women and the process of turning it into a drama was pretty easy and pretty quick. It was a real gift to my family,” she says.

It is also unclear where he will direct his steps soon.; he loved to produce, but suddenly he feels”time of transition and changealthough I don’t know what it means,” she says with a laugh.

He wants to direct, but “not yet”. Another dream involves running a theater, for example Antonio Banderas, serial. “I would love to go to Malaga to work in the theatre,” he says.

‘Real Things’, by the way, Partly filmed in Andalusia.. It was her first shooting trip after Covid-19, and she recalls it as an “incredible experience”.

to Wilson I would love for the movie to be released in theaters., but understand that commercially speaking, you’re getting more than a platform release. “People don’t go to the movies as much anymore, although I still love it,” she says.

‘Real Things’ It will be released in Spain on Film from Friday, June 24..

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