The retiree who went through the garbage saved 700 thousand euros and bought 10 houses 20:24

An 80-year-old retiree in Germany managed to save 700 thousand euros and buy 10 houses by going through garbage dumps. The newspaper writes about this Photograph.

The article states that the man lived in the city of Darmstadt and looked like an old beggar. He spends no more than 5 euros a month on food, rummages through the bins and picks up garbage in the garden. He previously worked as an electrical engineer and now receives a pension of €3,600 and saves on everything. When it’s cold, he heats his house with wood waste and he doesn’t have a mobile phone. His only major expense is a laptop with internet access to do work and watch business tutorials on YouTube.

According to the publication, the man is called “Germany’s strangest millionaire.”

Heinz’s business model consists of buying and renting homes. He recently saved €700,000 and bought his tenth house with this money and renovated all the buildings himself.

Early reported, how many Russians began to save after taking out a mortgage. Many Russians became more frugal after taking out a mortgage loan.

A previously homeless person in Domodedovo frozen on the funeral bus.

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Source: Gazeta


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