A store clerk solves one of Zara’s mysteries: “Keep it, we’ll throw it away”

Zara’s mysteries are one of the most repeated questions when we go shopping in an Inditex store. Sometimes in stores we don’t notice the details on labels or on clothes, and there is no better source to learn all this than Zara sales assistants.

They are true experts on all the “ingredients” of the store and are the ones who can best guide us on this subject. Miriam Cava from Murcia knows this and that is why in her Tiktok videos (she has more than 20,000 followers on this social network) she always reveals some little tricks to get the most out of the Zara experience.

We loved the last video on tips and will summarize them for you here.

Zara’s shoes and bags bag

Of course, when you order shoes and bags from Zara, you receive them in a typical white tote bag with a logo printed on it. Well, if you are going to return the product, you do not need to return the bag, you can keep it. Miriam says: “Keep them, we throw them away, they are for personal use. This is such a waste…” Of course, you’ve returned it many times, thinking that if they don’t return it, they won’t replace it, they won’t refund it, so they don’t need it.

In this sense, we explain that it is used a lot because it is ideal for storing shoes and bags, and we add that it is ideal for carrying clothes and travel accessories, even for storing make-up bags or dirty laundry. The benefits are many and the best thing: you don’t need to return them.

Posters on the tables

When you approach a table of Zara trousers, you don’t have to examine them one by one to see how they are, everything is much easier. There’s a little sign on the side of the table that tells you exactly what’s there: the name of the model, whether it’s high, medium or low, how narrow it is, and its length.

The truth is, the names of Zara jeans are a bit crazy: Wide leg, cropped, Marine Straight, Sculpt, Mom Fit, Carrot… So these posters will help us a little more in choosing the perfect garment.

stripes of clothes

The famous stripes hanging from some clothes… Don’t cut them! Miriam explains to us that these are strategically placed so that they can be attached to hangers so clothes don’t fall to the floor. The truth is they are practical about it but sometimes it’s a little hard not to see them when you’re wearing the garment and they look terrible.

Label symbols

There was a time when many of us strained our brains thinking about what some of the symbols on Zara labels meant. Well, they are nothing. At least nothing that interests us; squares, circles and triangles define different sections of the stores. So store clerks use them to place clothes, it doesn’t affect you at all.

More Zara numbers

  • weekly news. Zara stores and website are updated with new products every Monday and Thursday.
  • Daily change of clothes. Although Zara replenishes its products daily, this does not guarantee that all sizes of every garment will be available at all times. It is important to visit the store or website regularly to avoid missing your ideal size.
  • Use of the application. Zara app is a very useful tool. If you have an image of a garment but do not know its reference, you can upload the image to the application using the search by image option. This feature will help you easily find what you are looking for.
  • Location of certain clothing. The Zara app offers a practical option to find a specific garment. Select store mode, select clothing; the app will tell you which store it is in.
  • Fast purchasing in 120 minutes. Zara facilitates a fast and convenient purchasing process by offering the opportunity to select a garment through its app and pick it up from the store in just 120 minutes.
  • Tester reservations. The app also allows you to reserve changing rooms, which will help you avoid long queues and optimize your shopping time.
  • The best times to buy. For a calmer and more efficient shopping experience, it is recommended to visit Zara stores first thing in the morning or at the end of the day.
  • Web availability vs physical store. The stock status of clothes on the Zara website is indicative. To make sure the garment is available at a particular store, it is best to call the store directly and provide the product reference.
  • Google search. If you are looking for a specific Zara item, such as a blue tassel dress, but you don’t have a photo, you can try searching for it on Google with a detailed description. This will often lead you directly to what you are looking for.

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