Ayuso reacts to TV3’s parody of Nebulossa’s ‘Zorra’: “Here’s the look”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso visited ‘Critical view’ this morning. Besides chatting with Ana Terradillos about different current political issues, she also reacted to the latest viral parody of ‘Polònia’. The president of the Community of Madrid became the hero of the satire of the TV3 program, which, in keeping with the rhythm of ‘Zorra’, changed the title of the song Nebulossa to another word: ‘Facha’.

“I have my doubts. I don’t know whether I like the original or this one more,” Ayuso said after the Telecinco program showed him the imitation of the comedy format. said. “At least they don’t call me a whore here. I don’t know if you like being called that,” she told Terradillos: “I’d rather be called a journalist, a politician, a woman… I like it better for other things.”

The journalist asked the politician, who assured that his circle was “satisfied” with the video: “Freedom of expression or are you angry?” he asked: “It reached me from thousands of places.”

However, Ayuso started to make a list in a rather ironic style: “If you tell me that when you turn on the tap of any house in Madrid, there is water, there is a front… Here is the front. If taxes are lowered.” “Those who work hard in Madrid, the self-employed, and the traders are fascists, here we are. If I try to give scholarships to children who work hard and get good grades, (…) they are fascists!”

“If Madrid is the capital of Gay Pride, it is the first bullring in the world, it is where the shows are held, it is where the best shows and olives are, that is the facha… That is the fachas,” he continued.

Terradillos also asked him if it was “time” for him to take over the PP: “And first of all, what will we do with Alberto?” “Well, I’m in my phacosphere, take it away,” Ayuso said, adding, “Also, you pass through Madrid and everywhere is full of fascists. 14 million tourists last year… All fascists! You go down to the street, terraces full of nightlife chosen as the best in the world… Everyone looks beautiful!”

“I am the president of a region that is at the service of Spain, especially the Spaniards,” he insisted, before settling down: “We are in the best of times in Madrid. Maybe we are all fascists, but we are very happy there.”

Source: Informacion


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