Television coverage of the elections in Andalusia: programs and channels of special news

day elections in Andalusia On Sunday, December 2, he will have a special role on television in our country. Kanal Sur, TVE, Antena 3 and laSexta They will release a special program to monitor and analyze this reassembly of the election assignment, in which more than 6,500,000 Andalusians were called to the polls. We review what different networks will do in these elections.

TVE: Ana Blanco, Carlos Franganillo and Xabier Fortes will present the special ’19-J, Andalusia decides’

TVE It will follow the day with news previews on La 1 at 09:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 18:15 and in all news bulletins on Channel 24 Horas. Additionally, a special edition of Noticias Andalucía on regional disconnection, at 2:10 PM.

Program from 19:40 special elections: ’19J, Andalusia decides’ With the closing of the polls in La 1 and Channel 24 Horas, GAD3 election poll Vote counting for RTVE and tracking of reactions and analysis of results.

Mother White and Carlos Franganillo With the intervention of the heads of the Junta de Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco and the head of the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, they will present the program from Torrespaña; and political scientist Paco Camas. Xavier Fortes It will be broadcast live from the Andalusian Parliament in Seville, with a chart of analysis by journalists Lucía Méndez, Esther Palomera, Ainhoa ​​Martínez Hoyo, Isabel Morillo, Juan Manuel Marqués and Antonio Avendaño.

Next day, Time of ‘1’He will run part of the program from Seville. Marc Hall He will be in the Andalusian Parliament to analyze the results and the election remnants with the heroes.

Antena 3: Matías Prats and Mónica Carrillo will lead the preview of the school closures and ‘Mundo Brasero’ will maintain coverage

The broadcast of Antena 3 will begin in the morning with news bulletins that will be broadcast between 11:00 and 13:00, showing the first connections with polling stations and the main information points of interest.

The informative relay will be taken over by the first edition of the weekend, Antena 3 News 1 WeekendWith Matías Prats and Mónica Carrillo, he will focus his broadcast on detailed monitoring of everything that happens on election day.

Afternoon, coverage antenna 3 through links ‘Mangal World’offered by Robert Braserowith set Antenna 3 Newswhere to follow the election process news.

will continue with later Antena 3 News 2 Weekend and during one of the breaks on the air ‘Unfaithful’Starting at 11:00 pm, a bulletin will be published with the review data when one hundred percent known.

laSexta: Antonio García Ferreras to direct the special ‘Al Rojo Vivo: Objective Andalusia’

Continuing its commitment to continuous and last-minute information, laSexta launches this special event, which will begin at 19:30, to analyze the current events of the day and discuss the results of the Andalusian elections with experts.

‘ARV Destination Andalusia’which will continue through election night, will have a team of political scientists Luis Orriols, Paul Simon Y Sandra Leon. Journalists familiar with the Andalusian reality with them, Juan Sanchez, Santiago Martinez Vares, Paul Montesino and server ‘Sixth Night’ José Yelamotogether Angelica RubioHe will analyze the results of the Andalusian elections.

Moreover, Ana Pastor, director ‘Aim’will be at the PP campaign center with its candidate, Juanma Moreno, and Rodrigo Blazquezmanager Sixth Keywill be responsible for analyzing election data as it emerges.

Likewise and as usual in election news. sixth, ‘Red hot’ Will use innovative charts and leverage tools such as celebrities to present data ‘pactometer’.

suits sixth News They will wait for the election day to start with the opening of schools and the votes of the candidates. versions laSexta Weekend Newswith Christina VillanuevaIt will draw attention to the events taking place on election day in Andalusia.

Canal Sur: Blanca Rodriguez and Fernando García to host ‘Andalusia decides’ special event

Channel Sur Television will broadcast informative developments during the morning (at 9, 11 and 13 hours) and 18:50 to report The opening of polling stations announced from the data management center, possible events and participation rates.

will be offered votes of the main political leaders and candidates To the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía and the initial reactions of the voters.

hour 19:15 ‘Andalusian Decision’ special program will startoffered by Blanca Rodriguez and Fernando Garcia It will be broadcast on social media with CSTV, Canal Sur 2, international channel Canal Sur Andalucía, digital platform CanalSur Más and

Will be live links in eight Andalusian provinces with the ballot boxes, the data center and the headquarters of different political entities to find out how the last hours of the election day were lived before the counting began.

hour 20:00. data will be published Survey conducted by GAD3 for CSRTV Y Juan Carlos Roldan will introduce the technique. augmented reality Presenting the results of the poll to the main candidates for the presidency of the Junta de Andalucía.

For prediction of election results GAD3 Over 2 weeks from June 3-18, 9,200 interviews were conducted on intent to vote with 11 short questions, 2 of which were checks. According to the chain, the survey has a sampling error of +/-1.04% for a 95.5% confidence level.

two journalists paintingwill accompany the presenters to interpret and analyze what is happening, the results of the GAD3 survey and the review results, which will be immediately updated in a permanently displayed on-screen infographic.

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