Blogger told how to repel mosquitoes with soap

To scare away insects from the location of a country house, it is enough to rub a bar of soap. writes about him To express.

The author of the blog BrunchwithBabs, also known as Babs, shared an unusual trick that will not let annoying bugs interfere with your evening walks. Soap will help protect the site and the house from a large number of insects.

The blogger recommends taking an ordinary grater and grinding a bar of soap on it. The resulting chips should be placed on slabs and placed throughout the site and house. A sharp aromatic smell scares away insects, and at the same time does not harm the health of others.

It also clarifies that bar soaps should not be scattered around the site. It is better to send them to the trash and recycle them after use. The hygiene product is not environmentally friendly and can harm plants and trees.

Blogger fans offer alternatives to using soap. They say you can take a bar of soap or small pieces of it and put them in net or plastic bags.

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Source: Gazeta


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