Milla Jovovich, Evgeni Plushenko and other cucumber-growing stars

Milla Jovovich

The actress was born in Kiev and lived all her childhood in Moscow with her parents. Milla Jovovich received American citizenship when the family immigrated to the United States. But this did not affect her hobbies and habits, nurtured by her parents: Milla Jovovich loves gardening and regularly posts photos from the garden.

The star said on social networks that she grows zucchini, zucchini, zucchini, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes and even watermelons. She also complained about the pests that prevented her from looking after the plot, she said. According to Jovovich, he can no longer kill caterpillars that eat tomatoes because they later turn into beautiful butterflies.

Anastasia Makeeva

It has long been known that the actress is an avid summer resident. She regularly talks about this on her pages on social networks she. The actress and her husband, Roman Malkov, publish videos that show how they take care of the beds and garden. Anastasia also regularly updates and decorates the site.

In May 2021, his passion was also highly recognized. She shared on her blog: “Well, it’s nice that my work is noticed and appreciated. How many feelings and now I am the “most fashionable summer resident” of the Greenhouse award, and my blog about the cottage has become very popular. Now I am a well-deserved summer resident, ”Makeeva wrote.

Evgeni Plushenko

The figure skater lives with his wife Yana Rudkovskaya in a country house with a large plot of land. On it there was a place not only for garden trees, decor and recreation area, but also for numerous beds and shrubs.

Evgeni Plushenko takes care of them personally. She regularly posts videos of harvesting, watering flowers, mowing and other household activities on her personal blog. “This Zhenya is fond of, she grows tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers,” Yana Rudkovskaya wrote on her personal blog.

Elena Vaenga

Only in early May did Elena Vaenga surprise her fans by coming to the country to plant seedlings in a sweatshirt from the Dior fashion house. In the video you can see the singer’s impressive garden and vegetable garden.

The artist decided to show on social networks the beds in which he grew cabbage, pumpkin and a large number of other plants. It is known that he even bought a neighboring hut to add another hut and build a garden in its place.

Maria Kozhevnikova

The actress is a mother of many children, whose whole family loves to go outside the city and garden. In the summer, Maria Kozhevnikova regularly publishes pictures of the garden and garden, telling in details of an unusual hobby.

“The vegetable garden appeared after Maxim became allergic to tomatoes. It was an urgent motivation for the eternal dreams of my own grown products, ”Maria Kozhevnikova said on social networks.

He admitted that his decision to grow his own vegetables was the right one. “I found the only way out for myself and it was a miracle, Maksim is not allergic to our tomatoes and can eat more than one,” Kozhevnikova proudly said. The average son of the actress takes care of the future harvest and checks the beds every day. Maria Kozhevnikova listed the garden crops planted by her family as “carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, raspberries, watercress, dill, coriander, parsley, peas and sorrel”.

Julia Vysotskaya

The actress and her husband, director Andrei Konchalovsky, own a country house with a plot in the elite village of Gorki-2. Despite being busy and filming a cooking show, Yulia manages to take care of the garden and vegetable garden herself. She has repeatedly admitted on the broadcast of the program that she tries to use the vegetables, fruits and berries grown in her garden for cooking.

Jessica Alba

by publication balcony garden net, Jessica Alba takes care of her garden personally. She prefers to grow an entire flower plant garden. Favorites are a variety of succulents and a few other varieties of houseplants.

The actress often tries to protect nature – she owns a company that sells natural and environmentally friendly products for the home and garden. “I teach my kids to honor nature and cook from what we grow in the garden,” the actress said by the broadcast.

This year, Russians actively live the village life and buy seeds and seedlings. But not only ordinary summer residents have a craving for the world. Not only in Russia, many stars admit that they like to grow vegetables and fruits and care for flower beds. Which of the celebrities can boast of their own-grown cucumbers and not be afraid of getting dirty on the ground, read the material “”.

Source: Gazeta


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