Gardener Patrina named plants that will bloom all summer

To make a flower bed pleasing to the eye until autumn, it is recommended to plant annual flowers. This was told by blogger Marina Patrina, an expert in flower crops and crop production.

“Choose annual flowers to admire the flower beds from June to August,” says Marina Patrina. According to him, “annual plants”, whose life cycle is limited to one year, bloom all summer.

For those who love abundant, flowing plants, the gardener recommends taking a closer look at petunias. “All summer it is pleasing to the eye, forming lush, beautiful bushes. The main thing is to remember her “gluttony”: good flowering requires regular feeding, ”explains Marina Patrina.

Alternatively, the expert recommends paying attention to calibrachoa, pelargonium, viola, begonia, balsam, labelia and alyssum.

Formerly said About the main trends in landscape design.

Source: Gazeta


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