Expert Sheklok told how to fall asleep in hot weather

Online Bedroom Furniture Brand Specialist Nick Sheklok has revealed a few lifehacks to help you fall asleep easier in hot weather. writes about him To express.

Lowering the bedroom temperature during the day is one of the easiest ways to make sleep more comfortable. However, there are other alternatives for fast falling asleep. One of them is blinds and dark curtains that will hide the space from sunlight.

In the summer, it is also necessary to change the textiles in the bedroom: choose light blankets, and before winter remove the blankets. Another effective lifehack is to cool the socks. Put them in the refrigerator or freezer ahead of time. The method will really help regulate body temperature.

The quickest way to cool off before bed is to soak your wrists in cold water. Next to the bed, you can put a bottle with a spray bottle, which, if desired, can be sprinkled all over the body.

It is also worth putting a fan in the bedroom. However, if the wind is not enough to cool the whole body, you can put a few ice cubes in front of it.

And the most important thing for a comfortable sleep in summer is to tire yourself at night. Before going to bed you should not drink liters of water, instead it is better to adhere to the regimen during the day.

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