Russians told which names they choose for flirting 13:01

Experts have found out which names increase the chances of success when choosing a partner. The results of the survey were submitted to by the Mamba dating service.

For a third of women and a quarter of men surveyed, the name is an important parameter when meeting people. At the same time, girls, unlike boys, are more likely to believe that the name affects compatibility.

26% of those surveyed want their partner to be named Alexander. The top five favorites also included Dmitry (17%), Alexey (14%), Andrey (13%) and Roman (11%).

“But Russians noted the names Taras, Eduard and Prokhor as the least preferred. “At the same time, 13 percent of the participants admitted that they had partners in their lives whose names they were ashamed of.”

Many of the young people said they wanted to meet Anna. In second place were the names Victoria, Ekaterina and Yulia. Olga closed the first 3 female names. Men mentioned the names Raisa, Zinaida and Claudia least in the survey.

Experts also revealed what names Russians will choose for their children. 9% of men want to name their daughters Eva. Among the children’s names were Daria and Sofia. Women named their sons Alexander, Mark or Artem. At the same time, 40 percent of the girls surveyed do not name their children after their exes.

Russians before ate More than 2 million rolls for 2023.

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Source: Gazeta


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