Infallible tips for Zara sales: these are the words to search for

If we tell you this, we are not telling you anything new. sales. If you are one of those who wait for this time of year to take advantage of discounts on your favorite brands, you know that there are always some tips you can use.

If you’re looking for a bargain at Zara, we’ll tell you a few tips uncovered by one of the sales assistants. Miriam Java. On her Tiktok channel, which currently has over 20,000 followers, the marketer gives fashion and lifestyle advice and also showcases different clothing from the brand. Inditex. Her most famous video, which has already been viewed over a million times, was “You can find anything thanks to Zara’s sales assistant”, which included tips for finding clothes on the Zara app.

Now he’s back with another video with tips to make the most of the January sales. First of all, Miriam explains to us: dates sales Since they start on different days and at different times depending on whether you want to buy from the app, the web or physical stores.

The saleswoman explained to us that we couldn’t find the first, second or third sale at Zara. “Prices are slowly falling so you have to be careful because they won’t warn you.”, To explain. In this sense, he adds that the same discount is not valid for all clothes regarding discount percentages: “I can tell you there will be clothes that are up to 50 percent more expensive or cheaper.”

Other tips to get the most out of it sales 2023 Zara’s The thing is, if you already have a garment reserved, go try it on and don’t buy just for the sake of buying. You will already understand this clearly.

Sales at Zara: keywords

On the other hand, if it’s a garment you want but you’re not sure about the style, Miriam recommends putting some keywords into the search engine that can help you find the best of the best.

These are:

  • butter. If you are looking for a coat this is the keyword you should enter. The saleswoman explains that this word is the name of “Italy’s best jacket company.” There you can see what’s on sale and take advantage of the offers.
  • Special price. If you are looking for cheap clothes.
  • Special issue. If you are looking for premium collection clothing.
  • Cashmere. To buy a good knit sweater.

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