Copy Carmen Gimeno’s Zara look: perfect for women over 50

Fashion has no age. That’s why in the world of social networks not only women in their twenties, but also women over 50 This offers a unique recital of style. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money, you can choose clothes in any store (from Zara to Stradivarius) and at any cost, you just need to know how to combine them.

between Influencers over 50 we met Carmen GimenoHe currently has more than 317,000 followers on Instagram. Carmen, who lives in Bilbao, is an epitome of style and wears sneakers as well as a gorgeous dress with heels. Versatility is her hallmark and she is often dressed in publicly accessible stores such as El Corte Inglés or Zara.

So we decided to copy her latest style, simple and elegant, which is a pure Zara look. The person who is indispensable for cold days and whose clothes are all on sale. Take this opportunity and copy this look from Carmen Gimeno that women will love. Women over 50.

Sales at Zara: General view of Carmen Gimeno

We start with the main garment of this look, the celebrity. men’s jacket in black and in the tailor cut we love. It is a timeless design from the Zara Women’s Collection that you can use many times. It is a short coat made of 35% woolen yarn. The notched collar and long sleeves, complete with loops and buttons, give it an elegant look as it also covers the double-breasted. It has two front pockets and is black. If the discounted price is 59.99 euros.

We continue with jeans. Gimeno preferred some ZW Collection mid-rise straight leg jeansin the form of ‘comfortable’. It is medium-paced, made of cotton yarn and has a washed effect. The hem is frayed and almost half the price: 22.99 euros.

As with every look, accessories are also very important. Comfort is very important in shoes, so the influencer of women over 50 has chosen to combine them with a style. black leather loafers and square tipped. These flats have a raised toe box and eye mask. You won’t be going at ground level as it has a 3 centimeter base. Since these are among Zara’s discounted products, they will only cost you 29.99 euros.

And finally, the scarf worn by Carmen Gimeno. This is a Black and white striped knitted scarf. It measures 200 x 45 centimeters and costs now 15.99 euros.

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