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Fans showed off their own DLC for Dark Souls 3 with new worlds and bosses, as well as Demon’s Souls chips


A group of modders have published the gameplay of a huge mod for Dark Souls 3 called Archthrones. The mod will be so big that it can safely be called a full-fledged DLC, made only not by official developers, but by the fan community.

Dark Souls Archthrones will bring five new worlds into the game, in which gamers will encounter bosses. An alternate history and changes to the kingdom of Lothric are also expected.

The authors plan to supplement the game with elements from: Demon’s Souls, including soul shape, world trend and more.

The mod is still under development. Anyone interested in the project is asked to help them by subscribing to Patreon.

Recall that earlier another fan showed Dark Souls 3 with an isometric camera, which made the game look like a miniature coming to life.

Source: VG Times



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