Makeup artist Refa explains how to store makeup brushes to prevent acne

On social networks, they said you can’t keep a brush on the dressing table. writes about him Sun.

Most girls keep their makeup brushes on the dressing table so they are close at hand when applying makeup. However, blogger and make-up artist Rifa explained that this should not be done because this method of hiding leads to acne.

The reason lies in the dust, which settles not only on the furniture, but also on the cosmetics themselves. Instead, she recommends using a clear case with a lid and several vertical compartments to keep your makeup brushes free of dust. Compartments will also help separate clean and dirty makeup brushes to avoid other contaminants.

Rifa also said that such a box is a great decor item that can be decorated and fit right into the interior of a bedroom or bathroom. For decoration, you can use stickers and other accessories.

Former makeup artist offered to breed foundation cream with water.

Source: Gazeta


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